All About Us

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Who we are

Chilworth Media Associates is a partnership established in 1987, as a spin-off company of the University of Southampton, to produce film and video programmes and support material in the business, health and education sectors. 

In the early years we combined this commercial work, (for clients such as the major pharmaceutical companies and medium to large corporations), with public sector and university commitments. This incredibly busy schedule and our, (then), scarce resources gave rise to a way of working which is very service-based, cost effective and ensures that we deliver the right solution to a clearly-defined problem.

The film which does what is sets out to do!

Which is what we do now, producing film, video and DVD programmes, and Web video, to solve your communication problems or to solve your problems with communication.


Ian Kelso graduated from film school in 1985 and joined the University of Southamptonís film unit as a sound recordist and editor. Within the year he was producing teaching, training and public relations programmes across a wide range of subjects. In 1987 he started CMA with John Allen as a spin-off company of the University. For a time he was also Head of Television at a University in the City of London before giving up commuting to return to CMA full-time. He has won over a dozen awards for his films, including most recently in the 2007 BMA Book Awards, first prize in Electronic Media for a programme about chronic pain in haemophilia. A member of the Southampton Branch Committee of the Federation of Small Businesses, he is also a member of the Guild of Television Cameramen.

John Allen is a former geography teacher, University Lecturer and television producer who, as Director of the University of Southamptonís Department of Teaching Media set up the award-winning film and video production unit which gave rise to CMA. He has forty yearsí experience as a photographer, producer and executive producer of hundreds of film and video programmes.

While the partners are the only full-time employees, the name we chose reflects our philosophy of having a select group of associates around us in order to supply the very best people to pursue a specific project to which we give our name and reputation.  

How we work with you

In our experience the best results come from a partnership with our clients so we work together through every stage of the process. We are expert in our field but we can never be expert in your business so a partnership gives us the best of both worlds which invariably shows in the end product.

Initial enquiry

We start with a no-obligation assessment of what you are trying to achieve, your purpose, or the problem you are trying to solve. We take into account who you want to commmunicate with, what you want to say, what they know about it already, where they will see it and when and how. We use our own specification form which works both to guide you through your requirements and us towards a concrete brief. 

Only then will we will offer an overview of possible solutions with costs and considerations.


On your go-ahead the pre-production phase begins. This is where the plan is researched, contacts made, scripts written and shooting dates, times and locations are arranged. Auditions for actors or presenters may also be part of this process.


Contrary to popular belief in most cases this is probably the shortest part of the process. This is where the recording is made to the most appropriate medium, using whatever personnel and equipment were planned for in the pre-production process. The aim is to obtain the materials to satisfy the requirements of the next part.

Post Production

This is where the recorded materials are edited to meet the requirements of the project brief and are then delivered to the most appropriate medium for delivery in the most appropriate way to the target audience, including the production of support and packaging materials where required.


Finally, as part of our unique guarantee, we review the results to make sure that the solution is achieving the aim so you end up with

the film which does what it sets out to do!

Why Commission us?


Twenty-plus years of working for large companies and small, both public and private sector, across all genres and styles, always achieving the purpose.

Fair and accurate pricing which doesn't change

unless the brief changes, or due to unforseen circumstances, and always with prior consultation. 

The film which does what it sets out to do!

Anything else is a waste of time, trouble and money!

How Much?

That's always the first question. Trouble is, that can be a very difficult question to answer fairly and accurately without some key information. If we quote too much, it is unfair on you and you won't want to use us, (which would be a shame!), but if we were to quote too little we might feel the pressure and you may not get the job you deserve - so we don't do it!

Instead, without obligation, we take the time to meet with you, to find out not just what you want, but also what you need to achieve, your purpose, or your problem.

Only then do we give you a quotation, taking into account your budget, (because there is always more than one way of achieving a purpose), your timescale, (as in life, this can affect the cost), and any other considerations central to the project.

This price is fixed

unless the brief changes, or due to unforseen circumstances, and always with prior consultation.

Chilworth Media Associates 
Filmworks for Business and Health