Conference recordings

These can be useful a historical record of an event but can be much more useful to extend the benefits of the conference to clients, groups or partners who couldn't be there.

This example was produced for Hampshire Solutions a local charity which had arranged for experts from around the world to attend and speak at a conference which, as a result, was over-subscribed. The answer was to record the event and sell copies at a reasonable rate to those who couldn't attend, which funded the recording, keeping them both interested and involved in the work of the charity. In addition Hampshire Solutions gained a usefule resource for sending to potential supporters and influencers.

Colloquium on ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia

This recording involved one operator on the day, followed by time in the edit suite to insert high-quality television graphics, adapted from the presenter's PowerPoint slides, and package the final product as a set of 3 DVD's.

Chilworth Media Associates 
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