How we work with you

In our experience, the best results come from a partnership with our clients so we work together through every stage of the process. We are expert in our field but we can never be expert in your business so a partnership gives us the best of both worlds, which invariably shows in the end product.

Initial enquiry

We start with a no-obligation assessment of what you are trying to achieve, your purpose, or the problem you are trying to solve. We take into account who you want to commmunicate with, what you want to say, what they know about it already, where they will see it and when and how. We use our own specification form which works both to guide you through your requirements and us towards a concrete brief. 

Only then will we will offer an overview of possible solutions with costs and considerations.


On your go-ahead the pre-production phase begins. This is where the plan is researched, contacts made, scripts written, and shooting dates and times and locations are arranged. Auditions for actors or presenters may also be part of this process.


Contrary to popular belief, in most cases this is the shortest part of the process. This is where the recording is made on to the most appropriate medium, using whatever personnel and equipment were planned for in the pre-production process. The aim is to fulfill the planning of the pre-production phase and obtain the materials to satisfy the requirements of the next phase, post-production.


This is where the recorded materials are edited to meet the requirements of the project brief. They are then put on to the most appropriate medium for delivery in the most appropriate way to the target audience. Supporting material, such as leaflets, booklets and handouts are produced and packaging as required.


Finally, as part of our unique guarantee, we review the results to make sure that the solution is achieving your aim so you end up with

the film which does what it sets out to do! 

Chilworth Media Associates 
Filmworks for Business and Health