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This is a selection of clips from some of the projects we have produced over many years. We have chosen them to illustrate the diverse range of content, styles, and purposes and to indicate the experience we can bring to your project.

For a more in-depth look at some of them check out our Case Studies which explains in more detail why we did them, who for and what they achieved.

Click on any of the thumbnail images to play a clip from the movie in the player window.

Buddy Hell video

Buddy Hell
Part of a suite of shorts to trigger discussion of the A training Video made for an NHS PCT to promote safe working for lone field workers

Matrons Modern Makeover - video

Matron's Makeover
An instructional video for ward matrons showing what can be done with a small budget and some enthusiasm

Livex video

Documentary of a field training exercise for emergency services, allowing post event analysis and sharing with a wider audience.

In Her Own Time - video

In Her Own Time
Part of the same set of videos as Buddy Hell, this one focusses on the dangers of loan working in an office environment.


Aerolin Autohaler

A commercial advertising a new type of inhaler for asthma sufferers.

Matrons Modern Makeover - video

Matron's Makeover
A makeover show for Matrons and Nurse managers, it show the benefits to patients and staff of a tidy ward as well as a clean one.

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