Sound recording for film and television 

We can supply a sound recordist with a great set of ears, technical expertise and experience of working on all types of film and video productions, both drama and documentary, as PSC or feature crew. Price excludes media, but includes equipment, comprising: Sound Devices stereo mixer, Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic, boundary mics, 2 x UHF radio mics with all the clips cables and clamps necessary for most requirements and Minidisc recording for transcription.     285.00 per day 

Auxilliary mixers, microphones and recording equipment are available at extra charge. Minidiscs supplied at 5.00 each.

Sound recording for live events

We also record live events, such as conferences and meetings, for transcription, presentation to delegates and publication, most commonly on CD. This usually entails multiple microphones mixed live to get the required result. Contact us for more details.

Audio post production

We have full audio editing facilities and experience of producing audio only programmes. Call us to discuss your requirements.

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