National Health Service The NHS in Scotland (fire safety in hospitals using dramatised sequences) The NHS in England (post graduate training recruitment, catering training, cardiac rehabilitation for patients, dramatic triggers to promote customer care, lone working, case management and a makeover show to promote ward cleanliness) Wiltshire W&P Muskular skeleto Numerous pharmaceutical companies Alan and Hanbury's, Merrell Dow, 3M Riker, Bencard , Syntex, Abbot Laboratories, Rorer, Duphar, Novartis, Pfizer. Projects varied from sponsored programmes on clinical treatments, patient information, research trials, the Neuropsychiatric Inventory) The Design Council (a dramatised presentation about how to access venture capital funding) BT (corporate information on a new technical mapping process) The Institution of Electrical Engineers (Four sets of distance learning courses) The Universities of Birmingham University of Southampton (fire safety, energy saving and accommodation videos for students) Cambridge University Impact The Institute of Personnel Management (updating personnel professionals and their clients on topics of current concern) Calor (corporate information and product promotion) Chilworth Manor Conference Centre (marketing materials) Charities (The Haemophilia Society , Hampshire Solutions ME/CFS charity) Our Producers have also made programmes with and for The Royal Air Force (Training package) The Institute of Physics (Live demonstrations for the web) The Health and Safety Executive (Electrical safety training) The Department of Health (40 hours recorded-as-live distance learning materials) And Many, Many More Booker IPM Redbridge Books Vygon Haemophilia Soc Medi UK Tandberg TV
Chilworth Media Associates 
Filmworks for Business and Health