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Chilworth Media Associates is a partnership established in 1987, as a spin-off company of the University of Southampton. We produce film, DVD and Web video for businesses, health and education, solving communication problems or solving problems with communication.

Our name reflects our philosophy to supply the very best people to pursue a specific project to which we give our name, our reputation and most of all

Our guarantee - the film which does what it sets out to do!

From High Definition to broadcast quality, whatever the medium, however delivered, Chilworth Media Associates will design a successful communication for your message that really works for your audience. Our experience is considerable, across a range of media and services with the kind of track record that enables us to deliver results at all levels.

Call us, without obligation, to discuss your project requirements. We take the time so you end up with a price that won't change.

Chilworth Media Associates 
Filmworks for Business and Health